Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dead Rose

body: miss selfridge, levis & belt: vintage, socks: primark, boots: topshop

It feels like these photo's were taken ages ago, it has been a few weeks but because of doing essays ever since I feel like it's been months! That's why I haven't been blogging much, I have things to post and will do now and then but my work is taking over my life at the moment and will be for the foreseeable future. 

I'm wearing nothing new in this post, I haven't bought any clothes really all term but am still so skint! :( my roots are horrendous too, where's that money tree?! Wore this outfit for a friends birthday in Nottingham, we went to Rock City. Haven't listened to rocky sort of music out for a long time so was pretty fun! 


  1. I love your lipstick, what is it? :) You look lovely here, good luck with the essays and work :) xx

    Almost Delightful

  2. You look gorgeous, I love your make up as well :)


  3. I love your bodysuit and hot pant shorts :) you look gorgeous! X

  4. gorgeous, that top is amazing <3

  5. Great outfit, love your lipstick shade too

  6. Can't wait for more posts :)
    I'm now a new follower, please check mine out when you can, and follow back, good luck with your blog :D
    Merry Christmas
    x x x

  7. Loving that bodysuit on you.

  8. such a cute outfit! love the little white socks x


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